Sturdee Residence – Meet the actual luxury of life here!

Singapore is a marvelous place densely populated. Thus to enhance the beauty of this place everlasting the architects have designed Sturdee Residences for the benefits of people. A residence is a probably a housing place for people with basic amenities. But certainly the main reason behind the establishment of this residence was to serve people with every single benefit of housing, playing, shopping, etc. This Sturdee condo is located to the Farrer Park MRT station.

sturdee residence meet the actual luxury of life here

Details of establishment:

Sturdee Residence is a new condominium located in the prime region of Singapore for the purpose of leasehold. It benefits its clients with awesome housing facilities over its unique land. It has been established over an area of 6115 sqm consisting of about 265 apartments. This residence had been one of the best choices of people with all types of minor amenities of life required at every daily life cycle stage.

Basic luxury:

To afford such a leasehold place one probably considers the cost. But affording this Sturdee place is quite affordable. People after viewing its basic amenities cannot control themselves from being a part of this place. Some common facilities may be listed as:

  • Availability of playground for kids
  • Swimming pools for families, kids pool, etc.
  • Gym for basic exercises with enhanced equipment
  • Malls with every type of stores for easy purchasing options
  • Central expressway for vehicle parking like cars, motorbikes, etc.

Creators have genuinely taken care of every single need of its customer. Thus, it has even made the place suitable lovable.


To enjoy the beneficiary facilities of this Sturdee Residence could be the best choice. Usually for families who posse’s school going babies this could be the, even more, better choice, certainly for its schooling facility. Thus, this has been a best residential area found today. Visit for more information on this property.

Why would you pick Centrium Square for your commercial office building?

Are you looking for a place where you can buy your proper commercial office building? You should a proper location for it. The place must have all the basic requirements and amenities. Only then, you can say that you have found a proper commercial location for your office. This article mainly focuses on Centrium Square and a few guidelines as to how to find a proper location for your commercial office.

why would you pick centrium square for your commercial building

A few factors to consider

There are many factors to consider before you buy commercial lands for your office purpose. The place must be within proximity of various important places, like other offices, medical services like hospitals and chemist shops, public transport must be very easily available from that place.

Considering the above factors, it can easily be said that Centrium Sq which was earlier known as the Serangoon Plaza of Singapore is one of the best Freehold commercial estates. You can create your office space here and not regret about it, a single percent.

Why Centrium Square?

The question must be why not Centrium Square. This is the most suitable place in Singapore for buying any kind of property. Now it is up to you whether you want the property to be a household property or commercial property. You will find a number of office spaces here. Thus, buying a commercial property is more likely than buying a household property.
What the basic advantages of having a commercial space here?

If you buy a commercial space for your office building at Centrium Square, you will get the following advantages:

  • The place is close to numerous bus stops, which makes transportation a piece of cake.
  • The place is situated near to many important places like the City Square Mall, Allenby road, and Alwi road.
  • The place is within close proximity of Shop N Save, The Verge, Albert Complex and many other important places.
  • Grocery and other shops for basic requirements are also near the place you bought at Centrium Square for you commercial building.

Era of Mixed Development: The Poiz Residences

Singapore, the land of beauty and modernization has come to witness another advanced architectural condo- the Poiz Residences in Potong Pasir. The elegant design and facilities of the condo have led to the unique architectural landmark in the heart of Potong Pasir. It is a venture of mixed structural buildings that provide all the basic and luxurious needs of the resident of the condo. The condo will facilitate all the amenities, transports, commercial shopping malls and workplaces, an entertainment plaza, the educational institution just at a walk away distance.

era of mixed development the poiz residences

Doorsteps accessibility

The Poiz Residences is situated just next to the Potong Pasir MRT station; thus the residents of the condo can easily avail the transport facility without booking a cab for the station. An important station like Serangoon MRT station is at two stop away from the Potong Pasir MRT station. Several major expressways pass by it, such as Central Expressway (CTE), Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). The residents of the condo can also have the clear vicinity of the nearby restaurants and bars, shopping complex, supermarkets, medical stores, transport stands etc. where they can visit at any hours of needs. It also lies close to most of the major educational institutions.

Provision of Services

The Poiz Residences has brought a future era of modern habitat to existence. The mixed designed development of the condo has combined all the major required ingredient of life under one umbrella. It facilitates restaurant, shopping stores, meditation lawns, clubhouse, coffee lounge, auditorium, bar counter, indoor gym and fitness area, tea deck, party deck, swimming pools, tennis court and playgrounds for children and lots more.

High Esteem Developer- The MCC Land

MCC Land is renowned real estate developer in Singapore for more than 14 years; although the origin of the company lies in China. MCC Land has structured the landmarks of Singapore with remarkable building architectures like Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa, Canberra Residences, Keppel Distripark and Nautical.

Skies 39 Condo – why it is one of the best condos in Singapore

There are plenty of famous condominiums in Singapore and Sky 39 Condo can be considered as one of the best among them. This is not only because of the wonderful location in which it is situated but at the same time the internal facilities what you will get is also quite amazing. Your stay in any apartment of this condo is luxurious and satisfying.

skies 39 condo why it is one of the best condos in singapore


Starting from the swimming pool inside you will get plenty of other necessary facilities inside which will surely have an effect on your day to day life.

  • You will get fitness centres, gathering places along with clubhouses as well.
  • You will also find a tennis court, BBQ areas, Yoga rooms, Aqua gyms etc.
  • They also provide a playground for the children and plenty of other facilities which will make you extremely happy.

If you are searching for entertainment then Skies 39 Condo is surely full of it. There are plenty of famous shopping malls nearby where you can go and do shopping. There are plenty of famous places for dining also. Along with that if you are a nature lover then Reservoir Park which is very much nearby from this Condo which you can surely check.

Basic Amenities

Overall, if you think about the locality in which this Condo is situated it is a very much peaceful place where you will be able to stay in. There is all sort of other nearby facilities like market and hospital. So, it is considered to be one of the safest places where you can stay with your family. You will get all sorts of recreational conveniences at the doorstep.

So, if you consider this place overall, then Skies 39 Condo can be considered as one of the fascinating condominiums where you can get all sorts of entertainment and facilities. You can also get the other necessary things nearby which will give you an experience of having a satisfying stay.

Cat eye makeup: How to get the perfect one for the special occasion?

Doing a makeup is not considered to be a very tough thing. But doing a perfect cat eye makeup requires quite an amount of practice. The best way to do this make up is by using eyeliners which are liquid in nature and of course black in color. You must realize that for doing this make up, you require quite a steady hand, hence the people who are doing this make up for the first time must begin with pencils and gradually shift to the liquid eye liner after gaining confidence.

cat eye makeup how to get the perfect one for the special occasion


Firstly you need to find an eye shadow which has a color only slightly different from the color of your skin. This needs to be applied all over the eyelid. After this, you need to apply a highlight color. A dark shade of brown is then required to be added on the outer part of the eyelid in order to get the perfect cat eye makeup. The color of the crease is now required to blend so that it does not appear to be too much out of place. After this, eyeliner is required to be used, the liner is going to be used along your eye lashes starting from the inner corner and stretching to the outer one.

After eyeliner

The way in which the lashes have been dotted must be used as a guide. When during the dotting procedure you reach the middle part of the eye, the angle at which you will be holding the liner should begin to slant in an upwards direction. After this, the eyeliner is put on the lower lashes as well. Dark mascara is then required to be added to your eyes. After applying the mascara, you will see for yourself that your cat eye makeup has been completed.

Breast enlargement exercises: the different ways to exercise and get bigger and firmer breasts

In today’s world if you are a woman and do not have naturally big breasts then chance are that you would really like to have some big breasts. But you may not be up for surgery or such similar treatment. Hence it was arises the need for methods on how to increase breast size naturally. The different natural methods to increase the breast size are being taken up by lots of women, this is because the effect of exercising on the breasts will not be as drastic as placing an implant. Although many of the methods do not have much scientific credibility to back them, yet they have produced positive results in majority of people.

breast enlargement exercises the different ways to exercise and get bigger and firmer breasts

Building the pectoral

You must know that lifting weights not only increase your strength but is also one of the best breast enlargement exercises. You must build the pectoral muscles present beneath your breast with different kinds of strength training exercises. Chess press is one of the most popular exercises to build your pectoral muscles. To do this, you have to lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. In each hand you have to hold a dumbbell and bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Now you have to lift the weights towards the ceiling and bring them together.

Shoulder and back building

Building your shoulder and back muscles is just as important as building the pectoral muscles. To get good shaped breasts, you also need to tone down your shoulder as well as back muscles. The size of your breast will definitely increase, if you work on strength building in your entire body. If you exercise your shoulder and back muscles, then your entire torso will have a toned appearance. Some of the breast enlargement exercises include, the Y raise, Renegade row etc.

The Peak Residences project: you need to know about this place

The Peak Residences is basically a condominium project which is located in the district of Tanjung Tokong in Penang. It makes use of a total of 13.7 acres of land that is freehold in nature. Its location is such that it is perfectly situated in the valley of the mountain named Mt. Erskine which is 500 feet above the normal sea level. This place gives house owners in this area a beautiful view of the area from 20,000 square feet above the ground from the rooftop garden. The landscaped garden present in there is equally beautiful to stroll about. On the other hand, the architectural design of this development comprises of a rooftop garden which in turn links a total of 3 blocks consisting of 38 storeyed building each with 600 well spaced out condominium units. The area covered by these units range from around a 1000 feet to as much as 4000 feet.

the peak residences project you need to know about this place

Details about the Property

  • The address of The Peak Residences is: Mt. Erksine, 10470 Tanjung Tokong district, Penang
  • The developer of this project is Ivory Villas properties group
  • The project reached completion in the year of 2011
  • The tenure held by this condominium is of freehold nature
  • It consists of a total of 3 blocks, 38 storeys and 600 residential units
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms per room is 3 and 2 respectively

Analyzing the place

One of the many residential condominiums developed by the Ivory properties group is The Peak Residences. It has already established itself in the Penang Island and has several other projects taking place under its watch like the Aston Villa, Moonlight Bay and the 10 Island Resort. One of the best aspects about this place is that it offers a modern lifestyle plus all the benefits of living in a natural environment with a mature neighbourhood.

What makes the tabletop water dispenser so highly sought-after?

The water dispenser can be installed very easily and neither would you need to put great efforts and time on its maintenance. These devices are available for the reasonable prices and all these factors combine to account for the great popularity that it presently enjoys. Preached upon by your friends, you might be interested to install a dispenser at your home or office that would provide you with fresh and filtered water. Tough, you are sure of the objective, it accompanies consideration of several aspects regarding the purchase of the dispenser. This article shall try to handhold to ease up those ambiguities that might lie upon your mind.

what makes the tabletop water dispenser so highly sought after

How much space I do need to mange for its installation?

The dispensers feature exceptional sleekness in its design. You would even get options like tabletop water dispenser, that you can install right on the table top and thus it ensures that these devices are highly space friendly.

The practicalities in its installation and maintenance process

The tabletop water dispenser neither requires lengthy processes for its installation and nor the maintenance is critical or time consuming. The majority of the sellers offer the services of installation free of cost and thus it gets placed by the technicians. For the purpose of up-keeping it, you would be able to manage the steps of your own as those are very simple.

Is it very expensive?

These water dispensers come across wide stretch of budget for which you would surely get a piece within reasonable prices. Further, from time to time, the sellers, specially the online stores offer lucrative discounts or deal that further lowers the prices. It implies that should you want a dispenser, you need not to dilute up the aspiration for financial constraints. Asides, available online you find the least of the inconveniences to purchase these products.